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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers
License type: lppl

Announcement text given by the package's contributor:
   Release 1.07a (2013/05/26) brings important additions:

   1. \xintexpr...\relax is an expandable parser of algebraic
   expressions involving the basic operations +,-,*,/, and ^ as infix
   operators, as well as ! for the factorial. It expands everything
   along the way and recognizes integers, decimal numbers, numbers in
   scientific notations, and arbitrary levels of parenthesizing. 

   2. \xintfloatexpr...\relax is the same thing, the operations being
   excuted with a precision D, whose default is 16 digits, and may be
   set arbitrarily (theoretical maximum 32768).

   3. the other package macros now accept the scientific notation on
   input and \xintFloat outputs in floating point format with a given
   precision D either specified as an optional argument or globally set.

   The bundle now comprises the core constituents xint, xintfrac, and
   the latest xintexpr which loads the two previous ones, and auxiliary
   packages xintgcd, xintseries and xintcfrac.

   The macros are usable with any flavor of TeX with the e-TeX
   extensions. Users of LaTeX will do \usepackage{xintexpr}, others
   \input xintexpr.sty


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