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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.09e
License type: lppl

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:

New features:

 * the new syntax \xintFor #1 in {\xintrationals [f+g]} \do
   {stuff with #1} does an infinite repetition with #1 first set to
   f, then f+g, f+2g, ... where f and g are decimal numbers, or
   fractions, or macros expanding to such things. Also available:
    - \xintintegers where each #1 will be a 
               \numexpr <explicit number>\relax
    - \xintdimensions where each #1 will be a 
               \dimexpr <explicit dimension>\relax. 
   In the latter case the dimensions are internally kept in sp
   units, there is no loss of accuracy due to conversion in pt's by

 * one breaks out of the infinite loop with \xintBreakFor and
   \xintBreakForAndDo (preferably put inside the true or false
   branch of a conditional as provided by the package itself or the
   etoolbox package or the ifthen package; there is no question of
   complete expandability here, so ifthen is allowed).

 * also new: \xintifForFirst, \xintifForLast which are expandable
   conditionals to use in the replacement text of the \xintFor and
   \xintFor* loops. Can be nested as expected. 

 * new expandable conditionals \xintifCmp and \xintifInt

The documentation contains a completely expandable implementation
of the Quick Sort algorithm, and a graphical illustration of its
functioning. It also has a completely expandable prime test and
dynamically constructed prime tables and other examples of use of
the completely expandable \xintApplyUnbraced or non completely
expandable \xintApplyInline and \xintFor, \xintFor*.


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