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Tue Apr 22 09:58:48 CEST 2014

John Bowman and Andy Hammerlindl submitted an update to the



Version number:  2.25
License type: lgpl

Summary description: 2D & 3D TeX-aware Vector Graphics Language

Announcement text:

 A superfluous play button in rendered 3D images embedded by
 recent versions of media9 is now suppressed.

 The contour.asy module was reverted to a previous stable
 linearized version.

 A numerical precision issue in makepen was fixed.

 A routine for drawing braces was added.

 Deep recursion is now avoided in guide flattening.

 A workaround for an Adobe Reader transparency artifact was
 implemented for the pdflatex and xelatex tex engines.

 Raw PRC output can now be generated with the "-f prc"
 command-line option.

 Vector patches are now sorted to work around opacity artifacts
 in many rendering engines.

 The xasy code editor now accepts command-line options.

 Under MSWindows, the ghostscript library is searched for
 in both the 32 bit and 64 bit registries.

 The FAQ and documentation were updated.


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