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Version number: 0.92
License type: gfl

Summary description: Arabic-Latin Modern Fixed extends TeX-Gyre Latin
                     Modern Mono 10 Regular to full Arabic Unicode

Announcement text:

1. For more details, see README.txt. For more extensive documentation,
examples, and background; see almfixed-dtk.pdf.

2. Arabic-Latin Modern Fixed is an extension of TeX-Gyre Latin Modern
Mono 10 Regular. Every glyph and opentype feature of the Latin Modern
Mono has been retained, with minor improvements. On the other hand, we
have changed the vertical metrics of the font. Although the Arabic
script is designed to use the same x-size as Latin Modern Mono, the
former script needs greater ascender and descender space. 

3. Every Arabic glyph in each Unicode-code block is supported (up to
Unicode 7.0): Arabic, Arabic Supplement, Arabic Extended, Arabic
Presentation-Forms A, and Arabic Presentation-Forms B. 

4. There are two versions of the font: otf and ttf. The opentype
version is for print applications (and usually the default for TeX).
The TrueType version is for on-screen applications such as text
editors. Hinting in the ttf version is much better for on-screen, at
least on Microsoft Windows. 

5. The most unique feature of Arabic-Latin Modern is in its treatment
of vowels and diacritics. Each vowel and diacritic (ALM Fixed contains
a total of 68 such glyphs) can now be edited horizontally within any
text editor or processor. I believe this is the very first opentype
Arabic font ever to have this capability. Editing complex Arabic texts
will now be much easier to input and to proofread.


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