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Till Tantau submitted an update to the

             pgf / TikZ


Version number: 3.0.0
License type: Dual: LPPL and alternatively GPL/GFDL

Summary description:  A graphics language for TeX

Announcement text: 

 I am happy to announce version 3.0.0 of TikZ/pgf. After several years
 of development work in the background, a new version is finally ready.

 With the big jump in the version number from 2.10 to 3.0.0 a lot of
 new stuff has been added to TikZ (since the last version, over a
 thousand lines have been added to the change log...). However, care
 was taken to make sure that in normal circumstances all old code will
 still produce the exact same results as it used to.

 It is impossible to list all the changes and improvements, so let me
 just point out some hilights:

 - Arrow Tips: You can now configure the appearance of arrow
   tip "to death" and do so on the fly. Arbitrary arrow tips will now
   even bend along curves since TikZ can now do curvilinear
   transformations on a very low level.

 - Syntax Improvements: A lot of small things have been added and
   improved in the syntax. For instance, nodes can be in front of
   paths, but now also behind them. There is the new notion of a "small
   picture" called a "pic", which is something of a mixture of a node
   and a picture.

 - A Syntax for Graphs: There is now a new simple syntax for specifying
   graphs, borrowed from the GraphViz program. It makes it easy
   to specify graphs and especially trees in a convenient manner.

 - Graph Drawing Algorithms: TikZ now comes with a large and powerful
   system for computing the positions of nodes of graphs automatically
   (you need LuaTeX for this, though).

 - Data Visualization: There is now an alternative to pgfplots as part
   of the standard TikZ installation for creating plots. While pgfplots
   is still the more mature system, the new data visualization system
   comes with some interesting new ideas.

 - Driver Support: Support for all mayor backend drivers has been
   improved. A new, cool thing is the support for dvisvgm, which
   allows you to create powerful SVG graphics directly from TeX,
   including the text.


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