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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.09j
License type: lppl

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:

1.09j 2014/01/09

  * The core division routines have been re-written for some (limited)
  efficiency gain, more pronounced for small divisors. As a consequence,
  the computation with the algorithm given in the user manual of one
  thousand digits of Pi is three times faster. Some other small
  improvements elsewhere.

  * A new macro \xintXTrunc is designed to produce thousands or even
  tens of thousands of digits of the decimal expansion of a fraction.
  Although completely expandable it has its use limited to inside an
  |\edef|, |\write|, |\message|, \dots. It can thus not be nested as
  argument to another package macro. 

  * \xintexpr..\relax can now be used inside an \edef without the
  \xintthe prefix converting the internal format into explicit digit
  tokens; it will expand completely and inhibit the error message about
  a missing \xintthe. This can significantly speed up the use of
  \xintexpr in a non-expandable contexts, when dealing with numbers
  having hundreds of digits.

  Notice that contrarily to \numexpr for which \the or \number is
  necessary not only to print but also to trigger the computation,
  \xintthe is only needed for the printing step (previously \xintexpr
  was already fully expandable under \romannumeral-`0).

  * bug-fix: |1.09i| did an unexplainable change to \XINT_infloat_zero
  which broke the floating point routines for vanishing operands :-((

The first two pages of the user manual give a much clearer view of the
aims and abilities of the package. The manual has more of these
tremendous applications my (singleton) user base enjoy so much!


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