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Thomas Griffiths submitted an update to the



Version number:  2.0
License type: lppl

Summary description: Typesets the title page of your thesis in
                     accordance with the UOW guidelines.

Announcement text:

 Added \cosupervisor field. The field works the same as
 supervisor field, but is off by default. The field can either
 be below the supervisor field or next to it. When next to it
 the whole block of supervisors is centred as a single unit. The
 default position is below the supervisor field, but the
 adjacent style can be tuned on with the horizontal option in
 the preamble.

 Added the horizontal option. This uses a tabular environment to
 put two centred columns in a centred table to place the new
 \cosupervisor adjacent to the supervisor field. It is off by
 default but if you want it on just give horizontal as a option
 to the package in the preamble.

 Added the report option. Prints a nice little title page for
 lab reports and the like. Adjusted the declaration and dummy
 text accordingly.

 Fixed up the declaration page, reworded it to make it, in my
 opinion, a bit neater sounding. Also fixed the declaration for
 fullsubject, report and partialsubject so that it is for the
 completion of the assessment criteria of \class.

 Moved the \vspace{biggap} and \vspace*{fill} so that the
 University and School are at the bottom near the date.

 Removed some LaTeX crimes: \begin...{centering}
 end\{centering}\ to \centering, excess return lines.

 Italicised the requirements.

 Removed the bold from all but the title.

 Changed the wording — The degree is now conferred not awarded.

 Added new pagesize proportional measurements for the margins so
 that they scale and the title page now works for small pages
 (tested to A5, 12 pt).

 Removed lmodern package requirement.

 Added `Doctor of Philosophy' as the \degree definition if
 option phd (or PhD) is given to the package.


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