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Thomas F. Sturm submitted an update to the



Version number:  3.10
License type: lppl

Summary description: colored text boxes, LaTeX examples, theorems, documentation

Announcement text:

- box breaking algorithm revised:
  * breakable boxes now always have \noindent
  * distance to preceeding text corrected
  * interaction with floating objects fixed
  * dimensioning of partial boxes improved
  * splitting of an empty closing frame can now be avoided (depending on 'pad at break*')
  * The upper total height limit for breakable boxes is extended from
    about 16384pt to about 65536pt
  * experimental code added (breakable=unlimited) for breakable boxes
    without height limit besides memory
  * splitting boxes inside multicols environments supported (to a certain degree)
  * limited orphan control added ('enlargepage flexible')

- library 'breakable':
  * new options:
  'break at', 'height fixed for', 'enlargepage flexible',
  'pad before break*', 'pad at break*'

- Corners can be set individually now to be 'rounded' or 'sharp'
  for all types of boxes, skins, borders, and shadows:
  * new options:  'sharpish corners', 'sharp corners', and 'rounded corners'

- library 'skins':
  * new options: '\tcbline*'
  * bug fix: skin families 'bicolor' and 'beamer' did not respect 'colbacktitle'

- pictures 'blueshade.png', 'crinklepaper.png', 'goldshade.png', 'pink_marble.png'
  moved to package folder


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   Thanks for the upload.

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