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Christian Feuersänger submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.10
License type: gpl

Summary description: Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three

Announcement text:

- new feature: fill between plots (library fillbetween)
- new feature: concatenate intersection segments (library fillbetween)
- fixed bug: xelatex failed to run contour external
- fixed incompatibility with \label and \usepackage{mcaption}
- fixed bug: histograms produced wrong point meta
- fixed bug: histograms reported the wrong 'plot name' and confused
shifts of bar plots 1.9:
- new feature: asymmetric error bars
- new feature: activated math parser for axis limit arguments,
arguments in axis cs, and domain argument in log plots
- new feature: stacked bar plots place their 'nodes near coords'
correctly in the middle and print the increment (compat=1.9)
- new feature: stacked bar plots suppress empty increments (compat=1.9).
- new feature: 'scatter/position=relative|absolute' allow to position
'nodes near coords' absolutely. use-case: bar plots + nodes near coords
which are at, say, y=0 rather than their y value
- new feature: integration of smooth shadings & auto-CMYK conversion
\usepackage[cmyk]{xcolor} or \selectcolormodel{cmyk} will reconfigure
pgfplots to use CMYK (document-wide)
- new feature (advanced audience only): programmatic access to data
coordinates during the visualization phase -> allows much more
customization for error bars, stacked plots, nodes near coords.
- wrote beginner tutorials
- fixed bug: error bars and point meta did not work together
- fixed bug: stacked plots did not respect 'visualization depends on'
- fixed bug: luatex 0.76 is not backwards compatible; added version
- fixed bug: ternary library precision has been improved
- fixed bug: problem with axis limits very close to 0
- fixed bug: colormap specification limit case produced out of bounds
exception 1.8:
[...] Please see the README contained in the release


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