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Fri May 9 15:16:24 CEST 2014

Thomas F. Sturm submitted an update to the



Version number:  3.00
License type: lppl

Summary description: colored text boxes, LaTeX examples,
                     theorems, documentation

Announcement text:

 - bug fix: 'title code app', 'title code pre' changed wrong code

 - documentation corrections

 - implementation of graphical engines changed (!)

 - note: optical backward compatibility issues with breakable
   'freelance' boxes possible

 - 'frame code' and similar options are moved from the 'skins'
   library to the core package

 - 'enlarge top at break by' and 'enlarge bottom at break by'
   moved from 'breakable' library to the core package

 - new macros:

 - new options:
   'skin first is subskin of', 'skin middle is subskin of', 'skin last is subskin of',
   'enlarge top initially by', 'enlarge finally last by', 'overlay unbroken and last'
   'size', 'on line', 'varwidth upper',
   'frame empty', 'interior empty', 'interior titled empty', 'segmentation empty', 'title empty'

 - new TikZ options:
   'tcb fill frame', 'tcb fill interior', 'tcb fill title'
   'fill plain picture', 'fill stretch picture', 'fill overzoom picture',
   'fill zoom picture', 'fill shrink picture', 'fill tile picture', 'fill tile picture*'

 - library 'skins' several new options concerning the new 'underlay', 'finish', and 'boxed title' features

 - new engine and skin 'empty'

 - implementation of 'show bounding box' changed to be a border line.

 - library 'hooks' several new options concerning the new 'underlay', 'finish', and 'boxed title' features

 - library 'theorems':
   * new options:
     'description color', 'description font', 'description formatter'


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra RĂ¼be-Pugliese

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