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Jean-François Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.1 2014/10/28
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:

 xint 1.1 has some bug fixes, a few breaking changes, and many
 extensions to xintexpr. See CHANGES.pdf or CHANGES.html for details.
 The documentation has been completely revamped. The source code is
 separately available as sourcexint.pdf. 

 Package xintcore is split-off from xint taking with it all the basic
 arithmetic. This way, my other package bnumexpr has minimal overhead.
 Neither xint nor xintfrac load xinttools anymore, only xintexpr does. 

 \xintthefloatexpr add(x^15,x=[1..10]/13)\relax 
 \xinttheiiexpr seq(seq(i^2+j^2, i=1..j),j=1..30)\relax % nesting
 \xinttheexpr seq(x^2+x+1, x=1..10, 20..30, 40..50)\relax 
 \xinttheexpr 37*[15..[-2]..-13]^3\relax % itemwise operations
 \xinttheexpr add(x^3, x = [89..120,150..200][15:-15])\relax % slicing

 First Fibonacci number at least 2^64 and its index
 \xinttheiiexpr iter(0,1; (@1>=2^64)?{break(i)}{@2+ at 1}, i=1++)\relax

 Euclide Algorithm \newcommand\GCD [2]
  {\xinttheiiexpr rrseq(#1,#2; (@1=0)?{abort}{@2/:@1}, i=1++)\relax }

 One last:  (ok, this one looks a bit scary).
 \newcommand\Factors [1]{\xinttheiiexpr 
  subs(seq((i/:3=2)?{omit}{[L][i]},i=1..([L][0])),   % [L][0]= # of items
  {iter(([@][1])//p; (@/:p)?{break((@,p,e))}{@//p},e=1++)}},p=2++))\relax }

 \Factors {41^4*59^2*29^3*13^5*17^8*29^2*59^4*37^6} produces
 16246355912554185673266068721806243461403654781833, 13, 5, 17, 8, 29, 5, 
 37, 6, 41, 4, 59, 6


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