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Maïeul Rouquette submitted an update to the

                eledmac and eledpar


Version number:  eledmac 1.21.0 2015-04-13
                             eledpar  1.15.0 2015-04-13

License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Typeset scholarly editions.

Announcement text:
    Warning: this release changes some default settings. Please read
Appendix A.6 of the handbook if you use:
    -  \ledsetnormalparstuff
    -  custom endnotes
    = Eledmac
    == New feature
    - \applabel feature: allow to create automatically label for the
start and end lines of a edtext. Related commands are provided. Read §
10.3 of the handbook for more details.
    - Add \beforenotesX and \beforeXnotes features for notes set in two
and three column.
    - Add \twolinesbutnotmore and \twolinesonlyinsamepage (§ 5.4.1 of
the handbook)
    - Add \Xcolalign and \Xcolalign setting (§ 5.4.7)
    - Add \Xendtwolines, \Xendmorethantwolines, \Xendtwolinesbutnotmore
and \Xendtwolinesonlyinsamepage setting (§ 5.4.1).
    - Add  \Xparindent and \hangindentX setting (§ 5.4.5).
    - Add nocritical, noend, nofamiliar, noledgroup, noeledsec options.
Use them if you don't need respectivly : critical footnotes, endnotes,
familiar footnotes, ledgroup and eledmac notes in pstart, \eledchapter
and related commands. That will provide a faster eledmac.
    - Add \hidenumbering command (§ 4.4).
    == Bugfix
    - AtEveryPstart and \AtEveryPend are now compatible with \autopar
    - Look at the
    hyperindex option of hyperref package before inserting hyperref in
    - \afterXrule and \afterruleX features no longer create problems of
overflowing at the bottom of the page.
    - \preXnotes and \prenotesX features no longer create problems of
overflowing at the bottom of the page
    - Debug \beforenotesX, \maxhnotesX, \notesXwidthliketwocolumnsand
\afterruleX with footnotes set in two and three columns.
    - Fix bug when a \Xfootnote follows a \Xendnote in the sec- ond
argument of \edtext (bug addedineledmac1.0.0)
    - Fix bug with \maxhnotesX when using \foottwocolX or
\footthreecolX. == Other
    - \seriesatbegin and \seriesatbegin are more efficient
    - Fix bug with space between columns with notes in two columns (bug
added in v1.13.0).
    - Fix spurious space after first page number in \doendnotes.
oldprintnpnumspace option allows to come back to previous setting.
    - parapparatus option works now with familiar footnotes.
    - Fix spurious space in \seriesatend.
    - Correct \skipnumbering for stanza.
    = Eledpar
    == New feature :
    - New \AtEveryPstartCall command. The argument of  \AtEveryPstart
is called before every chunk is printed, except if you used an optional
argument for the \pstart while the argument of \AtEveryPstartCall is
called before every \pstart. == Bugfix:
    - Fix vertical spurious space before right \eledchapter (bug added
in v1.13.0)
    - Prevent more efficiently the column sep- arator from shifting
when a verse is hanging
    - As \lineation, \lineationR automatically set the \pstartinfootnote
    - \chapter inside optional argu- ment of \pstart works when
typesetting parallel pages


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