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Hironori Kitagawa submitted an update to the



Version:  20150420.0
License:  other-free

Summary description:  Typeset Japanese with lua(la)tex.

Announcement text:

 Release 20150420.0 is a big update, so it might be unstable.

 * Supports vertical writing (experimental).
   - implemented by rotating TLT box by 90 degrees
     (in other words, RTT direction in Omega is not used)
   - some primitives (\lastbox, \unhbox etc.) are redefined
     to generate error if direction is incompatible etc.
   - extraction the text from PDF does not work
   - new document classes: ltjtarticle, ltjtbook, ltjtreport

 * luatexja-fontspec: drop support of fontspec v2.3
   - bugfix on \newjfontfamily
   - new keys 'YokoFeatures' and 'TateFeatures':
     features only in horizontal/vertical writing.

 * luatexja-preset: added new preset 'moga-mobo', and
   new option 'nfssonly' (<- do not use luatexja-fontspec)

 * lltjp-geometry.sty: new (experimental) patch
   of the geometry package for vertical writing.
   This can be used with Japanese pLaTeX.

 This release requires LuaTeX beta-0.80.0.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra RĂ¼be-Pugliese

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