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Version number: 1.0.1
License type: other-free

Summary description: A Toolkit for Creating Janiform Data Documents

Announcement text:

PDBF - A Toolkit for Creating Janiform Data Documents

PDBF documents are a hybrid format. They are a valid PDF and a valid
HTML page at the same time. You can now optionally add an VirtualBox
OVA file with a complete operating system to the PDBF document. Yes,
this means that the resulting file is a valid PDF, HTML, and OVA file
at the same time. If you change the file extension to PDF and open it
with an PDF viewer, you can see the static part of the document. If you
change the file extension to HTML and open it with a Browser (currently
Chrome/Firefox/Safari/IE 10 supported), you can see the dynamic part of
the document. And if an ova file is attached you can also change the
file extension to OVA and install and run the attached operating
system. The difference between the PDF and the HTML version is that the
PDF version contains static version of all PDBF elements, whereas the
HTML version is dynamic. For example you can zoom into graphs,
temporarly remove dataseries from the graph, inspect and change the
underling query of the PDBF element and see the result of the change
directly in the browser. This approach works completely offline. No
internet connection is required, neither at compile time, nor at
viewing time.


A [demo
of our tool is appearing at [VLDB 2015](

The toolkit is licensed unter the MIT License


This package is located at

More information is at

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