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J. Peter M. Schuler submitted an update to the



Version:  1.5.1 / 2015-08-27
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Thesis class for the University of Duisburg-Essen

Announcement text:

 2015/08/27 v1.5.1

 * Improving interop between BibTeX and BibLaTeX styles

 * [udesoftec-biblatex.sty] adapting formating to remove major bugs

 * [udesoftec.cls] switching class mapping of "en" to "british" instead of "english"
   for better date representation

 2015/08/25 v1.5.0 (unreleased)

 * Big code sprint and bugfixing!

 * [udesoftec.bst] fixed order of elements in biblography

 * [udesoftec.cls] major cleanup and reordering of cls file

 * [udesoftec-bst.sty] fixed wrong font size after first ISBN/ISSN in bibliography

 * NEW [udesoftec-biblatex.sty] adding basic support in the architecture of the
   class for biblatex. Currently the citations are barely how they should look like
   and the package is highly experimental.

 * NEW [udesoftec-bibcommon.sty] provide basic support for bibtex/bst and
   biber/bbx/biblatex to use the same commands for design of citations and
   bibliography, will be included automatically by udesoftec-bst and

 * [udesoftec-bibcommon.sty] provide support for reformating the dates in
   bibliography for urldate or techstandards. Dates should have the format
   "yyyy-mm-dd" or "dd.mm.yyyy". A bit of robustness is coded in, due to different
   exports having different date formats. In case you run into errors, feel free to
   report your date format.

 * [udesoftec-bibcommon.sty] changed punctuation for more fit towards Springer Basic

 * [udesoftec-bibcommon.sty] fixed some citations not having \textsc set


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