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Casper Ti. Vector submitted an update to the



Version:  1.7.0  2015-12-16
License:  other-free

Summary description:  LaTeX template for dissertations in Peking University

Announcement text:

 2015-12-16, v1.7.0

  * API changes:
    - pkuthss-extra.sty merged into pkuthss.cls; `extra' removed accordingly.
    - `footfmt' renamed to `pkufoot'; `colorlinks' removed.

  * Changes to example template:
    - {,pkuthss-}copyright.tex: use `\specialchap'.

  * Changes to package code:
    - pkuthss.cls: fix pdf bookmark level.

  * Misc:
    - Format overhaul of documentation code.
    - Minor fixes and cosmetics.

 2015-12-15, v1.6.4

  * API changes:
    - New package option: `pkufont'.

  * Changes to example template:
    - Loading of newtx packages moved into package code.
    - originauth.tex: `\square' -> `\Box'.
    - ctex-fontset-pkuthss.def: comment out li/you to avoid surprises.

  * Changes to package code:
    - Fix maths fonts with newtx when using XeLaTeX, thanks to @LeoLiu.
    - pkuthss.cls: work around non-hyperlinked citations.
    - `\pkuthssextra at int@boolopt' -> `\pkuthss at int@boolopt'.
    - pkuthss.cls: remove unnecessary `\AtEndofClass'.

  * Changes to documentation:
    - pkuthss.bib: pku-thesisstyle updated to v2.0, no substantial changes.
    - pkuthss-acknowledge.tex: some "lyric" text.

  * Misc:
    - Homepage moved to GitLab.
    - Minor fixes and cosmetics.


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