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Version number: 2015-02-18
License type: gpl2

Summary description: A MusiXTeX extension library that enables
transformations of the effect of notes commands

Announcement text:

This archive contains a MusiXTeX extension library musixtnt
and C source code, binaries for Windows (32 bit and 64 bit)
and MacOSX, and documentation for two programs: fixmsxpart
and msxlint.

musixtnt.tex provides a macro \TransformNotes that
enables transformations of the effect of notes
commands such as \notes. In general, the effect of
\TransformNotes{input}{output} is that notes commands in
the source will expect their arguments to match the input
pattern, but the notes will be typeset according to the
output pattern. An example is extracting single-instrument
parts from a multi-instrument score.

fixmsxpart corrects note spacing in a single-part MusiXTeX
source (possibly derived from a multi-instrument score and
as a result having irregular note spacing).

msxlint detects incorrectly formatted notes lines in a
MusiXTeX source file. This should be used before using 


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