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Xavier Danaux submitted an update to the



Version:  2.0.0 / 2015-07-28
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  A modern curriculum vitae class.

Announcement text:

 version 2.0.0 (28 Jul 2015)

 - refactored the  code into heads, body, foot and icon substyles.
   All styles (classic, casual, banking and oldstyle) are just a
   combination of these and some font selection.
   Mixing substyles (e.g., the banking header with the classic body)
   is now trivial by using the \moderncvhead, \moderncvbody,
   \moderncvfoot and \moderncvicons commands.
   Each of these takes a substyle number as argument.
   \moderncvcolor takes a color name as argument.

 - added a new style, "fancy".

 - added an optional argument to \moderncvstyle to specify style options,
   i.e.  \moderncvstyle[options]{style}.
   Below is a list of the available options per style:
     * classic
       > to specify of one's name should appear left or right at
         the top: "left" (default) or "right;
     * casual
       > to specify of one's name should appear left or right at
         the top: "left" (default) or "right;
     * banking
       > to specify how the section- and subsectionrules should be set:
         "fullrules", "shortrules", "mixedrules" (default; full rules
         for  sections, short rules for subsections), "centered" (fullrules
         with centered title) and "norules" (norules, small caps font);
       > to specify how the body should be aligned: left" (default),
         "center" or "right";
     * oldstyle & fancy

 - added a new color variant: "burgundy".

 - corrected the color of \addressstyle to match the one effectively
   used (color2).

 - adjusted the bibliography spacing to handle entries with or without labels.

 - added a check on the emptyness of \title when setting the hyperref
   document properties.


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   Thanks for the upload.

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