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Will Robertson submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.8
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Unicode mathematics support for XeTeX and LuaTeX.

Announcement text:
- v0.8  (2015/07/29)  **Breaking changes in this update!**

  * `\mathrm` (`\mathup`), `\mathit`, `\mathbf`, `\mathsf`, and
    `\mathtt` revert to their traditional LaTeX meanings; they are set
    up to match their equivalent text fonts unless specifically set
    using `\setmathrm` and friends from `fontspec` or the new
    `\setmathfontface` in `unicode-math`. These commands should be used
    for *multi*-letter identifiers.

  * New "symbol" commands have been added, `\symrm` (`\symup`),
    `symit`, ..., to replace the behaviour of the old commands. These
    should be used for *single*-letter identifiers. See the package
    documentation for more detail on these and related commands.

  * Package options `mathit=sym`, `mathbf=sym`, etc., reverse the
    changes above to revert to pre-v0.8 behaviour for `\mathXYZ`.
    Regardless of package option, `\symXYZ` always maps to symbols and
    `\mathtextXYZ` is provided for the traditional `\mathXYZ` font

  * New command `\setoperatorfont` to set the font used for commands
    such as `\sin` and `\cos`. Usage: `\setoperatorfont\mathbf` or any
    command defined with `\setmathfontface`.

  * Traditional LaTeX `\DeclareMathAlphabet` now works again for legacy
    font-loading packages.

  * Commands defined to "force" Greek letters with `\upbeta` and
    `\itbeta`, etc.

  * Assorted bug fixes and minor changes.

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