Long Silence of CTAN-Ann

CTAN Announcements ctan-ann at dante.de
Mon Mar 30 06:43:30 CEST 2015

Faithful readers of the CTAN-Ann messages may have noticed the
sudden disruption of the service about two and a half weeks ago.

This was not for lack of noteworthy submissions, nor had
the CTAN team gone on a collective holiday or on strike.
What had in fact befallen us was the -- gradual -- loss
of our second "main host" at Cambridge.

As a matter of fact we had been suspecting for some time that
this host was running more or less unattended, but on Thu
March 12 it definitely ceased to pick up the packages that
had been newly installed or updated on the server in Germany.

In consequence, all the mirrors (http://dante.ctan.org/mirmon/)
that had up to then obtained their new material via tex.ac.uk
went out of sync.

Still hoping that things might arrange themselves by themselves
within a few days, we did not take any immediate action except
trying -- in vain -- to reach somebody in charge at Cambridge.

We also stopped sending out CTAN-Ann messages, so that people
should not be tempted to go looking for new packages on stale
mirrors,  and tried to contact mirror admins, asking them to
switch from tex.ac.uk to the German server.
As one can see on http://dante.ctan.org/mirmon/, these messages
still seem not to have reached all the persons concerned,
although the situation has improved a little.

Luckily, TeX Live was not affected by this problem, as they
are fetching their packages from the server in Germany.

We have now finally given up hope that the Cambridge server
will ever re-enter into reliable service again.  We have
therefore taken the necessary measures to keep up the service
on our own.

In particular, we will post in the course of the day the
40 messages kept back during the past weeks and then
resume CTAN-Announcements as usual.

    Thanks for your patience!

       For the CTAN team
      Petra RĂ¼be-Pugliese

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