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Wed May 13 05:48:05 CEST 2015

John Bowman and Andy Hammerlindl submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.33
License type: lgpl

Summary description: 2D and 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language.

Announcement text:
A work around was implemented for the missing epswrite driver in
ghostscript-9.15. Deconstruction is now always done in the C locale.  A
work around for a unit change in dvisvgm-1.5.3 was implemented.  The
path arc(pair B, pair A, pair C, real r) function was fixed.  The
handling of the boolean condition in parametric surfaces was fixed.
The default meshlight was changed to nolight so that mesh lines with
positive width appear consistent with the default mesh lines.  A
nonsquare image dimension error was fixed. The definition of the
SimpleHead arrowhead was fixed. The zoom/menu button and play option
were fixed. An intersect(path, surface) function was implemented.  A
smoothcontour3 module written by Charles Staats and leminiscate example
were added. The inline asymptote.sty option now works with xelatex.  An
obsolete workaround for an Adobe Reader transparency artifact was
removed. An asylatexdir option was added to support the pdflatex
-output-directory option. An aligndi! r option for aligning the picture
to an arbitrary point of the page boundary was added. The garbage
collector was updated to gc-7.4.2. The documentation was updated.

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