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Bob Tennent submitted the



Version:  2015-05-25
License:  gpl2

Summary description:  A Preprocessor that generates
                      note-spacing commands for MusiXTeX scores.

Announcement text:

 autosp  simplifies the creation of MusiXTeX scores by converting
 (non-standard) commands of the form \anotes ... \en into one or
 more conventional note-spacing commands, as determined by the
 note values themselves, with \sk spacing commands inserted as
 necessary.  The coding for an entire measure can be entered one
 part at a time, without concern for note-spacing changes within
 the part or spacing requirements of other parts.

 For example,

    \anotes\qa J\qa K&\ca l\qa m\ca n\en


    \Notes\qa J\sk\qa K\sk&\ca l\qa m\sk\ca n\en


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