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Khaled Hosny submitted an update to the



Version number: 0.108
License type: ofl

Summary description: A classical Arabic typeface, Naskh style

Announcement text:
Amiri 0.108 (2015-09-21)
* New glyphs:
    - New design of ه in ‍هي combination.
    - Alternate numbers for use in fractions, accessible with the
OpenType features `numr` and `dnom`.
    - The new Arabic Extended-A vowel marks, in the range U+08E4–08FE.
    - Redesign the U+06C1 forms to make it distinctive from U+06BE.
    - Add “جل جلاله” symbol, U+FDFB.

* Fixes:
    - No longer replace two successive *fatha*, *damma* or *kasra* with
  a sequential *tanween* form, the characters U+08F0, U+08F1 and U+08F2
      should be used instead.
    - Many kerning improvements.
    - Workaround a bug in Core Text (Mac OS X text layout engine) that
  break the لله ligature.
    - All forms of U+06BA are now dotless, per Unicode standard.
    - Initial and medial forms of U+063E, U+063F, U+077A and U+077B were
    - The dots in initial and medial forms of U+06BD should be inverted.

* New fonts:
    - A coloured version of the Amiri Quran font that gives the vowels
  and Quranic annotation marks distinctive colours. This font uses the
  new `COLR`/`CPAL` font tables which are currently supported only by
  Firefox (all platforms) and MS Internet Explorer/Edge (Windows 8.1
  and above).
    - The webfonts now include WOFF 2.0 files as well.

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