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Alexander Grahn submitted the



Version number: 0.1 2016-02-13
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Saveboxes for repeating content without code
replication, based on PDF Form XObjects

Announcement text:

This package defines commands for saving content that can be repeatedly
placed into the document without replicating DVI/PDF code in the output
file, allowing for smaller file size of the final PDF and improved
content caching for faster display in certain PDF viewers. The method
makes use of `Form XObjects' defined in the PDF specification.

The user commands are modelled after the standard LaTeX commands
\savebox, \sbox, \usebox and the `lrbox' environment.

All common TeX engines and back-ends are supported:

  *  pdfLaTeX, LuaLaTeX
  *  LaTeX --> dvips --> ps2pdf/Distiller
  *  (Xe)LaTeX --> (x)dvipdfmx

The user commands are:

  *  content saving:




     <name> is an identifier (not a command!) composed of arbitrary
     non-active characters, including spaces and numbers. A command for
     declaration of <name> does not exist.

     Starred `*' variants allow for colour injection (pdfLaTeX/LuaLaTeX

  *  content insertion (referencing):


     The second, short form is useable if <name> is composed of

The package was written in the LaTeX3 syntax.


This package is located at

More information is at

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