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Lauro César Araujo submitted an update to the



Version:  1.9.6  2016-02-26
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules

Announcement text:

 2016/02/26 - v1.9.6

    . added compliance to ABNT NBR 10719:2015
    . added \ABNTEXcaptiondelim command      
    . added documentation for superscript citations
    . changed caption's separator to long dash, in accordance to ABNT NBR 14724:201
    . removed implementation of multifootnote, once memoir has "," as
      default value for \multfootsep                                 
    . fixed invalid dependence on relsize package
    . fixed footnote mark size for footmarkers more than 1 character longer
    . fixed caption delimiter:
      \ABNTEXcaptiondelim: \textendash for captions
      \ABNTEXcaptionfontedelim: colon for source (fonte)


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   Thanks for the upload.

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