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Chelsea Hughes submitted an update to the



Version number: 2
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Notes after every paragraph (or elsewhere)

Announcement text:

parnotes rev. 2

  * BREAKING CHANGE: You can no longer redefine \parnotemarkfmt. Use 
\theparnotemark and \parnotecusmarkfmt instead. See the manual for
  * Bug fix: \parnotefmt no longer changes the font to \rmfamily by 
  * \parnote now has an optional argument: a manually-specified parnote 
  * \parnote now behaves more like \footnote:
     * It respects \spacefactor
     * It no longer inserts \unskip
  * The parnote mark counter may be reset using standard LaTeX macros, 
e.g., \setcounter{parnotemark}{5}
  * \label now works within parnote text; \ref returns the parnote label, 
\pageref returns the page where the note text is set, and
\parnoteref returns the parnote label formatted as a mark.
  * Implemented the system for separators between multiple footnotes from 
footmisc and manyfoot and added package option nomultiple to
  * Internal: The package now uses a single counter (\c at parnotemark) for 


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The package's files themselves can be inspected at


    Thanks for the upload.

      For the CTAN Team
     Erik Braun


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