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Tue Jun 7 20:25:00 CEST 2016

Massimo Redaelli, Stefan Lindner, Stefan Erhardt submitted an update to



Version number: 0.6 2016-06-06
License type: lppl

Summary description: Draw electrical networks with TikZ

Announcement text:
* Version 0.6 (2016-06-06)
- Added Mechanical Symbols (damper,mass,spring)
- Added new connection style diamond, use (d-d)
- Added new sources voosource and ioosource (double zero-style)
- All diode can now drawn in a stroked way, just use globel option
"strokediode" or stroke instead of full/empty, or D-. Use this option
for compliance with DIN standard EN-60617
- Improved Shape of Diodes:tunnel diode, Zener diode, schottky diode
(bit longer lines at cathode)
- Reworked igbt: New anchors G,gate and new L-shaped form Lnigbt, Lpigbt
- Improved shape of all fet-transistors and mirror all p-chan fets as
default, as pnp, pmos, pfet are already. This means a
backward-incompatibility, but smaller code, because p-channels mosfet
are by default in the correct direction(source at top). Just remove the
'yscale=-1' from your p-chan fets at old pictures.

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