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Sašo Živanović submitted an update to the



Version:  2.0.2  2016-03-04
License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Drawing (linguistic) trees

Announcement text:

 This is primarily a bugfix release, with some minor features added,
 but it also contains a backwards incompatible change in the interface
 decribed below. Don't worry, however: the modified feature has only
 been introduced a month ago, in v2.0.0, so you probably haven't
 used it yet.

 The semantics of the parenthesized optional argument to `forest`
 environment has changed. The argument was introduced in v2.0.0:
 if present, it redefined `stages` style for the current
 environment/macro. This argument is now generalized to allow
 further (pre-`stages`) customization in future versions of the
 package. To temporarily redefine stages, write (stages={...}).

 The user documentation is in forest-doc.pdf,
 not in forest.pdf, which describes the implementation.


The package's Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package's files themselves can be inspected at

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   Thanks for the upload.

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    Petra Rübe-Pugliese

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