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Tue Mar 15 12:22:54 CET 2016

John Bowman and Andy Hammerlindl submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.37
License type: lgpl3

Summary description: 2D and 3D TeX-Aware Vector Graphics Language

Announcement text:
The xasy graphical user interface now runs under both Python 2.7 and 
Python 3.  Legacy versions (prior to 9.14) of Ghostscript can be
supported by assigning settings.epsdriver="epswrite" (or by setting the 
environment variable ASYMPTOTE_EPSDRIVER to epswrite). The
quiet flag suppresses noninteractive standard output when 
settings.verbosity <= 1. A progress function was added to the 
module. The smoothcontour3 module was optimized to use Bezier triangles 
where appropriate, along with a built-in least-squares routine
and an improved root finder based on quadratic interpolation. If 
settings.sysdir is empty, preference is given to a version of
kpsewhich in the same directory as the executable for determining the 
correct sysdir. The handling of degenerate normals of Bezier
triangles was fixed. Bugs in forking, integer formatting, dash adjustment, 
subpaths, and guide reversion were fixed. Version 1.30 of
asymptote.sty (auto-generated) and version 0.35 (or later) of media9.sty
are now required.

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