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Version number: 0.3
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic)

Announcement text:

prooftrees supports drawing proof trees of the kind often used in
introductory logic classes, especially those aimed at students without
strong mathemtical backgrounds. Hodges (1991) is one example of a text
which uses this system. When teaching such a system it is especially
useful to annotate the tree with line numbers, justifications and
explanations of branch closures.

prooftrees provides a single environment, prooftree, and a variety of
tools for annotating, customising and highlighting such trees. A
cross-referencing system is provided for trees which cite line numbers
in justifications for proof lines or branch closures.

prooftrees is based on Forest and, hence, TikZ. The package requires
version 2.0.2 of Forest for expected results and will not work with
version 1.

The author is certain  that some of her beliefs are false, but sure
that her belief that prooftrees has bugs is not among them.


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