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Timo Baumann submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.1
License type: gpl

Summary description: "Arts"-style bibliographical information

Announcement text:
Changes from BibArts version 2.0 (2015) to version 2.1:

You now may choose your own order of page and footnote numbers in the
index (roman--arabic, arabic--roman, etc.).  Type  bibsort  -s2 xxxx
for page and  ... -f2 xxxx  for footnote numbers.  xxxx  are
permutations of four letters out of  nRrAas  (a=alph, A=Alph, n=arabic,
R=Roman, r=roman, s=fnsymbol):  You always have to set n and s, and to
choose R *or* A, and r *or* a.  E.g.  srnR  means, that you can use
\Roman in your text, but you do not have to. bibsort is able to
evaluate the new fnsymbols (which expand to \TextOrMath). If bibsort
should write into files with a different prefix as the .aux input file,
you have to use  -o <outfile>  now.  And you may type  bibsort
<infile>, *or*  bibsort -i <infile>  (e.g., when the input file name
begins with '-'). bibarts.sty will be even loaded, when ~":;!?'`<> are
active (catcode 13); and bibsort is sorting also "z (not only "s) as
\ss now; see bibarts.pdf. bibsort sorts the 'official' $Greek
variables$ since version 2.0.  To write single words in Old Greek,
BibArts 2.1 also provides \Alpha [A], \Beta [B], \Epsilon [E], \Zeta
[Z], \Eta [H=sort=>E], \Iota [I], \Kappa [K], \Mu [M], \Nu [N], \Rho
[P==>R], \Tau [T], \Chi [X==>Ch], \Omicron [O], \omicron [o]. BibArts
2.0 set \footnotesep to 2ex, whereas 2.1 does *not* change the
pre-setted value.  If you want to continue with the 2.0 distance
between two footnotes, you will have to type
\setlength{\footnotesep}{2ex} in your text. Some of the prepared text
elements (captions) have been modernized.  The \evkctitlename changed
from {Short Titles} to {Shortened References}.  And \gannouncektitname
changed to '... im Folgenden'.  To restore the 2.0 def.:
\renewcommand{\gannouncektitname}{ (\kern 0.015em im folgenden

Published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. 
BibArts 2.1  (C) Timo Baumann  2016
This package is located at 

More information is at

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