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Ben Vitecek submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.10
License type: lppl

Summary description: Typeset and convert units for cookery books and

Announcement text:
'cooking-units' goes v1.10 (because version numbers are still a mystery
to me) and adds the following things (as far as I can remember):

New Features:
  -- Change the amounts of your recipe for a specific number of persons.
  -- The main commands for printing and changing amounts now accept a
new optional argument. -- cutext, \Cutext and \cuam now check their
input; this allows \cutext and \Cutext to convert units

Changed Behavior:
-- Like mentioned before: \cutext, \Cutext and \cuam parse their input
-- Like mentioned before: \cutext, \Cutext can convert units
-- add-teperature-to-check: Prints a warning if unit is already added
-- fractions deal with minus sign correctly

New commands:
-- \culabel and \curef
-- \declarecookingunit and \providecookingunit 

New options:
-- cutext-to-cunum 
-- cutext-change-unit
-- cuam-version, cutext-version
-- cutext-space
-- recalculate-amount
-- set-number-of-persons
-- label 
-- get-label
-- ref

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More information is at

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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Ina Dau

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