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Jean-Fran├žois Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.2h 2016-11-20
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:
This release fixes a few bugs (see CHANGES.{pdf,html}) and has a
new macro `\xintNewFunction` which allows to extend the expression
parsers with user-defined functions in situations where
`\xintdeffunc` is not usable. Indeed, one can not currently do:

    \xintdeffunc foo(x):= add(i^2, i=1..x);

in part because the dummy variable range is not explicitely known
as it depends on the variable x. But now one can do:

    \xintNewFunction {foo}[1]{add(i^2, i=1..#1)}

and the full syntax is allowed in the replacement text because its
actual parsing is delayed to the time where `foo()` will actually
be used. The arguments may then be numerical, or dummy variables,
or sub-expressions etc... `foo()` is then like a genuine function
for the three parsers `\xintexpr`, `\xintiiexpr`, `\xintfloatexpr`.
This is very different from `\xintdeffunc` and the closely related
`\xintNewExpr` which attempt to parse expressions (either with
variables or macro parameters) and convert them in advance into
(possibly very complicated) nested macro calls.

Side note: after three years of strict obedience to xint prefix,
`\thexintexpr`, etc... are provided as synonyms to `\xinttheexpr`,

This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

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    Manfred Lotz

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