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Nicola Talbot submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.3 2016-10-08
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Language and dialect tracker

Announcement text:
v1.3 (2016-10-08):

  * New files tracklang-scripts.tex, tracklang-scripts.sty

  * tracklang.tex:

    - Now sets and restores category code for @ if it's not initially 11
      (no change if it's already 11)

    - New command \TrackLocale{POSIX locale}
      and \TrackLanguageTag{BCP47 language tag}

    - New command \TrackLangFromEnv. (Queries locale environment
      variable using \TrackLangQueryEnv and, if successful,
      then parses and tracks the dialect. Also sets
      \TrackLangEnvLang, \TrackLangEnvTerritory,
      \TrackLangEnvCodeSet and \TrackLangEnvModifier.)

    - New command \TrackLangQueryEnv (queries the environment
      variables LC_ALL or LANG, if shell escape or \directlua
      available, and sets \TrackLangEnv)

    - New command \TrackLangQueryOtherEnv (like the above
      but queries an extra environment variable)

    - New command \TrackLangParseFromEnv (parses \TrackLangEnv,
      if defined and not empty, and sets \TrackLangEnvLang,
      \TrackLangEnvTerritory, \TrackLangEnvCodeSet and

    - Many other new commands. See Changes section of manual.

    - New language and dialect options

    - Bug fix: corrected ISO 639-1 language code in usorbian

This package is located at 

More information is at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Manfred Lotz

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