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Version:  1.0.0
License:  gpl3

Summary description:  Extract page mode and named destinations as PDFmark from PDF

Announcement text:

 If you create a PDF document by something like TeX systems, many small
 PDFs as figures get included into the main PDF. It is common for each
 small PDF to use the same fonts.

 If the small PDFs are embedded subsetted fonts, the TeX system includes
 them as-is for the main PDF. As a result, the main PDF is embedded
 different subsets of the same duplicate font. It is not possible to
 remove the duplicates since they are different subsets. It enormously
 increases the main PDF file size.

 On the other hand, if the small PDFs are embedded full set fonts,
 the TeX system also includes all of them for the main PDF.
 The main PDF is embedded many duplicate fonts, but they are
 all same full set fonts. Therefore, Ghostscript can remove
 the duplicates. It can reduce the main PDF files size.

 Moreover, if the small PDFs are not embedded any fonts, the
 TeX system outputs the main PDF which lacks some fonts.
 In this case, Ghostscript can embed the necessary fonts.
 It can significantly reduce the required disk size.

 Either way, Ghostscript inputs the main PDF which is outputted
 by the TeX system, and outputs the final PDF. Unfortunately,
 during this process, Ghostscript does not preserve PDF page-mode
 and named-destinations etc. As a result, when you open the final
 PDF, it cannot realize the intended how the document shall be
 displayed.  Remote PDF links also do not work.

 Extract PDFmark can extract page mode and named destinations as
 PDFmark from PDF.  You can get the small PDF that has preserved
 them by using this tool.


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