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Hironori Kitagawa submitted an update to the



Version number: 20160905.0
License type: bsd

Summary description: Typeset Japanese with Lua(La)TeX

Announcement text:
* Fix an error which is caused by an alignment in vertical direction.

Reorganized luatexja-adjust.sty.
* Introduced "version=2" JFM. In these JFMs, one can specify
  the possible amount of space which is inserted between a
  character and the line end.
    Example: end_adjust = {-0.25, 0.25, 0.5} means that
  protrusion into the right margin by 0.25em, or insertion of
  0.25em (or 0.5em) space between the character and the line end.
* \ltjenableadjust now supports an optional argument, such as
  - lineend: adjusts the position of the final character in a line
    "true" means this process is done after the line-breaking
    (as before), and "extended" means this process is taken into
    account in line-breaking (as \pdfprotrudechars=2).
  - priority: glues will be prioritized in line adjustment.
    This means that glues with high priority will be stretched
    (or shrinked) preferentially.
* stretch_priority and shrink_priority keys are added
  to \ltjsetparameter. These keys are used for customizing
  priority of glues.

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