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Li Zhennan submitted the



Version:  1.2  2016-09-21
License:  other-free

Summary description:  A proposal prototype for LaTeX promotion in Chinese universities

Announcement text:

 Here are the original source code and necessary attachment
 of _Proposal for Offering TeX Courses and Relevant Resources
 in Chongqing University_.

 This proposal could be helpful if one is considering suggest
 his/her university or company to use TeX (or LaTeX, or XeLaTeX)
 as a typesetting system, especially for Chinese universities
 and companies.

 The present proposal mainly explains the importance and
 necessity of introducing TeX, a typesetting system often used
 in academic writing, to students and teachers as the
 counterpart of Microsoft Word. This proposal starts
 from a brief introduction of TeX, then steps further
 into its fascinating application on academic writing
 and dissertation formatting. In the end, a set of
 possible implementation strategies with regard to
 the proper introduction of TeX and relevant resources
 to our university, is proposed.

  * Proposal with clear thinking and full reasoning;
  * Lots of survey data and charts;
  * A number of links and reference documents;
  * Analysis with Reasoning, Dependencies and Detailed Measures;
  * Most importantly, the proposal is written in LaTeX, which is
    an example of TeX use.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra RĂ¼be-Pugliese


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