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Version:  0.4
License:  gpl3+

Summary description:  Converting TeX from WEB to cweb

Announcement text:

 This package contains a project to convert the TeX source code
 written by Donald E. Knuth as a WEB into a cweb.

 A WEB is a literate program, that is a program which is written
 as a form of literature and consequently published as a book.
 Of course there is a way of converting such a piece of literature
 into an ordinary program: it contains Pascal code.
 Over the years, the support for Pascal as a major programming language
 decreased and Pascal was replaced by C as the system programming language
 of choice. Consequently, WEB was replaced by cweb, leading to the obvious
 question: can we convert the TeX source code to cweb.
 And the answer is: yes and no.

 No, because TeX is a rather large program, so it is very expensive
 to translate it manually, and translating literature by means of
 an automatic process is not feasible either.

 Yes, because the program contained in this project, a literate
 program itself, is specifically tailored to the TeX source code
 and achieves a good approximation to such a translation.


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