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Fri Aug 18 21:47:04 CEST 2017

Maïeul Rouquette submitted an update to the

          reledmac and reledpar


Version:  reledmac  2.24.0  2017-08-17
          reledpar  2.20.0  2017-08-17

License:  lppl1.3

Summary description:  Typeset scholarly editions in parallel texts

Announcement text:


  - Add \swnoexpands macro to avoid problems with not fully
    expandable macro inside \sameword.

  - Fix a bug with \edlabel at the beginning of a \pstart.

  - Fix spurious space with \labelpstarttrue.

  - When a \setlinenum is used, it is stronger than the \lineation{page} setting


  - Add \linenumOnlyPagesForColumns and \linenumOnlyPagesForColumnsR
    to tell to print the line numbers associated with a column only
    on some specific pages (for example, only on right pages).

  - Add \sidenotesmarginpage option to make the sidenotes refer to
    page margins and not column margins.

  - Fix a bug with \continuousnumberingwithcolumns when using multiple
    series of continued numbering text. Now, the line number are correctly
    reset at each \beginnumbering.

  - Fix a bug with continuousnumberingwithcolumns and inner / outer
    notes and line numbering.

  - Fix a bug with continuousnumberingwithcolumns when a \beginnumbering
    is called after an other \beginnumbering…\endnumbering.

  - Fix a bug with widthliketwocolumns option when manually setting
    \beforecolumnseparator and \aftercolumnseparator.

  - Fix incompatibility between \lineation{page} and
    continuousnumberingwithcolumns option.

  - Fix incompatibility between \continuousnumberingwithcolumns and


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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