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Jean-Fran├žois Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.2k 2017-01-06
License type: lppl1.3

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:
- The xintfrac.sty floating point macros since 1.2f round their
  arguments to the target precision P before further processing.
  This rounding is now exact (aka correct) in all cases, even with
  fractions having long numerators and denominators.

  This change has little influence on float expressions, as the
  \xintfloatexpr parser handles there the / symbol as an operator
  hence it does not (except for special constructs) get to see
  fractions as such.

- Half-integer powers A^x (only available in float expressions,
  not via macros) proceed by an integer power and then a
  square-root extraction: the 1.2f implementation did the latter
  on an already rounded value, 1.2k keeps some of the guard digits
  to make the computed value Z closer to the exact one: a
  difference of less than 0.52 ulp(Z) is guaranteed in all cases.

- Macro \xintnewdummy is made a public one, it serves to declare
  additional letters as dummy variables in expressions. This is
  for Unicode engines, mainly, as all Latin letters are already
  predefined to act as such.

See CHANGES.pdf or CHANGES.html for the details and more.

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