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Hood Chatham submitted the



Version number: 1.0
License type: lppl

Summary description: Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ

Announcement text:

The spectralsequences package is a specialized tool built on top of
pgf/tikz for drawing spectral sequences. It provides a powerful,
concise syntax for specifying the data of a spectral sequence, and then
allows the user to print various pages of spectral sequence,
automatically choosing which subset of the classes, differentials, and
structure lines to display on each page. It also handles most of the
details of the layout. At the same time, spectralsequences is extremely
flexible. It is closely integrated with tikz to ensure that users can
take advantage of as much as possible of its expressive power. It is
possible to turn off most of the automated layout features and draw
replacements using tikz commands. Spectralsequences also has a
carefully designed error reporting system intended to ensure that it is
as clear as possible what is going wrong.


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