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Version number: 0.3 2017-05-02
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: LaTeX package for creating randomized Multiple
Choice questions>

Announcement text:
The MCexam package is a LaTeX package that automatically randomly
permutes the order of questions and answer options in different
versions of a multiple choice exam/test. Next to the exam versions
themselves, the package also allows printing a concept version of the
exam, a key table with the correct answers or points, and a document
with solutions and explanation per exam version. The package also
allows writing an R code which processes the results of the exam and
calculates the grades.

The package was developed for large-scale randomized multiple choice
exams at my department. The functionalities of this package may
overlap with the esami package and the AMC program but there were
some special requirements at my department which are not included in
these packages. In particular the MCexam provides the following
- The possible answer permutation patterns are completely flexible
and can entirely be specified by the user.
- Typesetting the answer options is completely flexible with the
MCanswers environment.
- At my university, the students have to fill in a standard one-page
answer form and unprocessed results from these forms are directly
provided to the examiner. The package writes an R code which
processes and analyses these results.
- Although this is subjective, I find the MCexam commands less dense
and more efficient.

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