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Robert Alessi submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.10.2 2018-01-04
License type: gpl3+ cc-by-sa-4

Summary description: An ArabTeX-like interface for LuaLaTeX

Announcement text:
arabluatex v1.10.2:
This update is a follow-up to v.1.10 which was as follows:
- *Important notice*: \cap{} which was already defined in standard math
mode has been superseded by \uc{}. Users should replace the former with
the latter in their source files.
- \uc{} has been rewritten from scratch and is now able to process
Arabic proper names consisting of several subsequent words. See the
documentation on p. 33.
- New command \prname{} for Arabic proper names to be inserted in
running English text in the same typeface as the surrounding text.

- 'ibn' should not be uppercased unless the preceding proper name be
- correction of a few typos.


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