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Version:  0.8j  2018-01-07
License:  lppl1.3c

Summary description:  Unicode mathematics support for XeTeX and LuaTeX

Announcement text:

 - v0.8j (2018/01/07)

  * NEW

    * Numbers and latin letters in the fullwidth Unicode range are
      now supported as aliases to their ASCII counterparts (#337).
    * New commands `\(New|Renew)NegationCommand \foo` for defining
      custom negations accessed via `\not\foo`.


    * `\typecolon` is now `\mathrel` instead of `\mathbin` (#360).
    * New symbol `\mathhyphen` which acts like a ‘letter’ (#313).
    * `\nabla` and `\partial` have corrected documentation (#257).
    * The following legacy commands are listed as ‘unsupported’ and
      will result in sensible error messages rather than the old
      behaviour of meaningless output: `\arrowvert`, `\Arrowvert`,
      `\bracevert`. (#411).

  * BUGS

    * LuaTeX bug with shifted `\underbrace` when it contains accented
      symbols worked around (#391).
    * When using the `range` feature, users commonly found they needed
      to call `\setmathfont` a final time with the original font to
      ensure correct formatting and correct selection of symbol alphabets.
      I hope the issues that required this have now been corrected
      (#331, #387).
    * If `\setmathfont` is called a second time in a document, it
      tries harder to more properly reset the maths font setup for
      the new font (#224).
    * Properly hard-coded the `\delcode` of the period to ensure
      `\left`/`\right` behave correctly in all circumstances
      (#344, #351, #420).
    * Correct `\mathrm` (etc.) situation when no fonts loaded
      explicitly by the user (#330).
    * Various bug fixes to `\not` (#126, #343, #363)
    * `\std at minus` & `\std at equal` now properly corrected (#332).
    * Fix problem with infinite loop with `\cdots` when `amsmath`
      loaded after `unicode-math` (#227).
    * If `\setmath(rm|sf|tt)` is called *before* loading `unicode-math`,
      the setting is now remembered (#407).


    * A number of improvements to efficiency when loading subsequent
      math fonts using the `range` feature.
    * No longer loads the `ucharcat` package.
    * Test suite re-implemented for better portability and use with
      Travis CI.  See <https://travis-ci.org/wspr/unicode-math> for
      the up-to-date status of whether the test suite is passing.


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   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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