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Version number: 1.12 2018-06-24
License type: gpl3+ cc-by-sa-4

Summary description: An ArabTeX-like interface for LuaLaTeX

Announcement text:

arabluatex v1.12:
This release includes many long-awaited features.  Actually, arabluatex is getting close to v2.0:
- \abjad now accepts commands and counters as arguments, so that almost anything can be abjad-numbered: pages, lists,
- Introduction of LPeg patterns, making it possible to accept almost any LaTeX command in Arabic environments. Regular
footnotes and LR/LRfootnotes have been extensively tested, along with those of packages such as manyfoot.
- Much more tolerant \MkArbBreak and new \MkArbBreak* which directs arabluatex to close the current Arabic environment
before any 'declared' command, then resume it just after (to be used with great caution though).
- Color support! arabluatex is now able to render in color either words, parts of words (syllabes) or even diacritics
without losing any of the refined ligatures featured by such beautiful Arabic fonts as Amiri. Section 7 of the
documentation goes into details, although some of the techniques implemented require a good acquaintance with arabtex
coding. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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