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Jean-Fran├žois Burnol submitted an update to the



Version number: 1.3 2018-03-01
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: Expandable operations on long numbers

Announcement text:
- removed all macros previously deprecated at 1.2o,

- modified addition, subtraction and modulo operations to use a
  least common multiple for the denominator of the result,

- added \xintPIrr, \xintDecToString and preduce(),

- and last but not least refactored extensively the
  \xintNewExpr/\xintdeffunc mechanism. It got both leaner and
  stronger and makes possible recursive function definitions.


\xintdeffunc GCD(a, b):= if(b, GCD(b, a /: b), a);

is of course the Euclide algorithm (but here usable with fractions).

\xintdefiifunc powmod(x, m, n) :=
              x /: n,
              if(odd(m), (x*sqr(powmod(x, m//2, n))) /: n,
                            sqr(powmod(x, m//2, n))  /: n

implements modular exponentiation (with positive exponents only,
like the pow() Python function).


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