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Version number: 0.12 2018-03-03
License type: lppl1.3c

Summary description: BibLaTeX styles inspired by the Oxford Guide to

Announcement text:
All being well, this should be the last of the experimental releases
(not counting bug fix releases). Changes since v0.11.3:

  - **Breaking change:** titles of `suppbook` entries are now in
    quotation marks by default; the inverted commas must be removed by
    using the `descriptor` annotation or field, in common with other
    entry types.

  - **Breaking change:** the punctuation before a ‘by Author’ statement
    is now configurable, and defaults to a space instead of a comma.

  - Explicit handling has been added for entry types `suppperiodical`,
    `suppcollection`, `booklet`, `patent`, `standard`, `artwork`,
    `performance`, and `letter`, and examples for these have been added
    to the documentation. The `image` entry type uses the new
    `artwork`/`performance` driver instead of `online`.

  - The `altthesis` option has been deprecated in favour of new option
    `thesis`, which takes values `in` (`altthesis = true`), `out`
    (`altthesis = false`) and `plain` (no parentheses at all).

  - The `varissuedate` option has been renamed `issuedate-plain`, to
    match `court-plain`.

  - There is a new `bookseries` option which takes values `in` and
    `out` with the same logic as the `thesis` option.

  - The `mergedate` option can now be set on a per-type basis. Some
    bugs in the `maximum` and `compact` variants have been fixed.

  - There is a new `nonodate` option for suppressing ‘n.d.’ when an
    entry in `oxalph`/`oxyear` has no suitable date label. It is
    automatically activated on a per-entry basis if a `sortyear` is

  - It is now possible to annotate a date as `inferred` to enclose it
    in square brackets.

  - Various edge-case formatting bugs have been fixed.


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