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Samuel Springuel submitted an update to the



Version:  5.1.0  2018-03-11
License:  gpl3

Summary description:  Engraving Gregorian Chant scores

Announcement text:

 This is the official release which is designated for inclusion in TeXLive 2018.
 It will work with older systems as well using the usual manual installation methods.

 ## [5.1.0] - 2018-03-11
 ### Added
 - Added support for virgula (gabc: `` `0``) and divisio minima (gabc: `,0`)
   on the ledger line above the staff (see
 - Added support for a dotted bar (gabc: `:?`) (See
    [#1360](https://github.com/gregorio-project/gregorio/issues/1360) and
 - 10 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the `gregall` font (see
 - 4 new Laon neume glyphs have been added to the `grelaon` font.
 - A more modern-looking sharp symbol has been added to the `greciliae` font.
    To switch to this, use
    in your TeX file.
    See [#1399](https://github.com/gregorio-project/gregorio/issues/1399).
 - Added documentation note about loading microtype after gregoriotex (see

 ### Fixed
 - Fixed issue with Tex Live 2017 latexmk not detecting auto-compiled gabc files
   as dependencies (see [#1367](https://github.com/gregorio-project/gregorio/issues/1367)).
 - Fixed issue where an altered note (glyph) throws off the position of an episema
   in the glyph that immediately precedes it (see


The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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