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Fri Mar 23 17:33:02 CET 2018

Khaled Hosny submitted an update to the



Version:  6.5  2018-03-21
License:  ofl

Summary description:  The Libertinus font family

Announcement text:

 - Fix regressions in handling of extensible combining marks with LuaTeX.

 - Add Latin bold italic sans-serif alphabet.

 - Add mathematical double-struck digits.

 - Enable slashed zero feature in math font.

 - Add big sizes for more brackets; \lBrack, \rBrack, \langle, \rangle, \lAngle
   and \rAngle.

 - Add big sizes of slash and backslash.

 - Add \widetilde, \wideutilde and \widebreve.

 - Fix side bearings of math blackboard capitals.

 - Fix math glyphs with negative left side bearing that can clash with
   preceding glyphs.

 - Make \vert and \Vert expansion consistent in size with the brackets.

 - Remove tone bar glyphs; the support was not adequate for proper use.

 - Remove math alphabet glyphs from text fonts.

 - Fix glyphs incorrectly categorized as mark glyphs.

 - Add Bitcoin currency symbol.

 - Fix stacking of a-ring and macron.

 - Fix “ct” and “st” historic ligatures and make them consistent across fonts.

 - Fix mark positioning over AE and OE glyphs.

 - Fix style of U+2100 (a/c), U+2101 (a/s), U+2015 (c/o) and U+2106 (c/u).

 - Fix mark positioning over G and g glyphs.

 - Make default and alternate J glyphs consistent across upright and italic

   have the same baseline in serif fonts.

 - Position semibold serif i/j dot similar to other styles.

 - Remove rudimentary MATH table from regular serif font.

 - Fix alignment of U+2192, U+2198, U+2199 in the monospace font.

 - Make more arrows fixed width in the monospace font.

 - Make capital roman numbers in sans-serif and sans-serif italic fonts actually

 - Make \product in sans-serif fonts actually sans-serif.

 - The fonts can now be built with upstream FontForge, no patches needed, as
   well as Python 3.

The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at

The package’s files themselves can be inspected at


   Thanks for the upload.

     For the CTAN Team
    Petra Rübe-Pugliese


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