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Frank Mittelbach submitted an update to the



Version number: 2.0d
License type: lppl

Summary description: Produce gaps that are underlined, dotted or dashed

Announcement text:

Minor corrections and improvements to code and documentation

2018-11-09  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * dashundergaps.dtx v2.0d

        \TeacherModeOff was a copy of \TeacherModeOn and never turned
        anything off.

2018-06-27  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * dashundergaps.dtx v2.0c

        (subsubsection{Gap formatting}): Added key
        'gap-format-adjust' to raise the underline to baseline.

        (subsubsection{Gap widening}): Default minimum now 20pt (10pt on
        each side).

        (subsection{Loading and fixing/changing \pkg{ulem}}): Robustify
        \dotuline and \uwave.

        (subsection{Loading and fixing/changing \pkg{ulem}}): Change
        default def of \uwave to react to \ULdepth.

2018-06-24  Frank Mittelbach  <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org>

        * dashundergaps.dtx v2.0b

        Changed def of \UL at dischyp to not typeset the hyphen if we don't
        want any printing.

        (subsubsection{Gap formatting}): Support 'double-underline' as
        value for \uuline.

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